Small pop when switching tracks

I’m experiencing a small pop when switching tracks manually. It doesn’t happen when I just let the tracks change on their own. Sometimes I get it when pausing/starting. I’m using a dedicated music server /pc Windows 10, i7 , 32gigs of RAM 3TB of internal storage in Raid 1, SOTM USB card going into a Lyngdorf TDAI 2170. Using ASIO mode with the “max buffer” box checked. I don’t have this problem when using Jriver or my Bluray player so it seems to be the playback in Roon. Overall the transition between tracks and scrubbing is much smoother in Jriver but it’s not as fun to use as Roon. Looking forward to some help. Thanks.

Thanks for the report @Tranehead.

Does this happen with specific media, or when changing between sample rates, or does it occur across the board regardless of what files are playing?

Thanks for the reply Mike! It happens across the board.

Ok let me discuss with the team and get back to you. Couple of people are travelling for the holiday here in the states, so it may take slightly longer than normal :confused:

A couple of things that you could try in the time being, to help see if anything improves and help pinpoint the issue:

  • Bypass the SOTM USB card
  • Try disabling the Max Hardware Buffer
  • Try using WASAPI instead of ASIO (unsure if the 2170 supports this)

If any of those help, it will be a good clue for our troubleshooting, and like I said, I’ll be back to you with some more details soon. Appreciate your patience @Tranehead!

Thanks Mike - I appreciate it… I did everything you suggested with the exception of bypassing the SOTM USB before posting. I’ll experiment a little tomorrow and see what I can come up with. Enjoy the holiday!