Small QNAP NAS for a second location

I’m currently running Roon Core on a QNAP TVS-473 NAS and I’m very happy with it. This NAS has all my music database (about 4TB’s worth).

I’m installing a system in another location. I would like to copy all my my music and Roon DB to the other location using an HD drive and periodically manually update it. I can do the sync’ing to/from using Qsync on both. However, I do not need an extensive NAS on the other side, as it won’t be holding the main database source and space is restricted, plus will get less usage. I do understand that I will be physically transporting the external HD back and forth, but since this is only going to happen 3-4 times a year max, it’s no biggie.

I would also like to run Roon Core on it, to feed a Naim Uniti Nova that will act as a Roon endpoint. There won’t be any new music ripped to the second location.

I’ve looked at the QNAP web site, and the smallest they have is the TS-131P that has an i7, which presumably will run Roon Core on it. It has an external USB port to plug in the backup drive (for Sync’ing), it runs Qsync and can accommodate 1 drive up to 8TB (more than enough for me).

My main question is: will it run Roon Core as available in the QNAP app ‘store’ ?

Does anyone have any better suggestions on how I accomplish what I am trying to do?

Maybe you mean a different model. The spec sheet for the TS-131P states that it uses the Alpine AL-212, 2-core, 1.7GHz 32-bit ARM CPU. RoonCore does not run on ARM CPUs. Also, it also only has 1 GB of RAM which is way to low, but, irrelevant given the CPU won’t run Roon Core anyway.

I would also not use Qsync to keep the databases sync’d. I would make a backup of the main Core, and then restore that backup to the remote location Core.

You’re right - I’ve misread that the NAS used an i7. That was the test PC.

None of the SOHO NAS use the i7. Any suggestions?

I am using Hybrid Backup Sync to do the incremental backups - sorry, confused the product.

If you currently, know and like this product then I’d go with another one. I am a sucker for sticking with things I know that just work. You don’t have to fill it with drives, go with 2 and Raid 1. Plus, you have a backup if your main one at home dies.

I’m sure others with Qnap & Roon experience will drop by and give suggestions. :smiley:

A library around 4TB isn’t small I guess. I don’t know how much fun this is with an under speced CPU.

So all you need is processing power. Why not have a NUC or another mini PC in your other location? Connect your external drive, start up and let Ronn identify your contents or bring a recent backup of your main DB on your external drive alongside your library?

I agree. I think in terms of a cost effective NAS to be used as a Roon server another 473 makes sense. I don’t think you’re likely to find any 1-bay or 2-bay models that are the right fit with Roon. The closest thing would probably be a 253Be, but even that is far less powerful than what is recommended.