Small query got me thinking here

I use an ipod touch 7th generation as a roon endpoint into chord gear with an imac roon core. I was wondering when streaming tidal/qobuz or internet radio these show up on the ipod touch screen when the ipod on wifi is set as the playing zone. I understand the ipod communicates data with the imac core so is the ipod when chosen as a zone actually streaming from the tidal/qobuz or internet radio servers directly or is the ipod not streaming directly from the servers and is just receiving the data it needs to output audio from the imac core??

That. I believe that all data sent to endpoints has to come via the core. The only way Roon can control the quality of the data stream to Endpoints is with a direct local network Core to Endpoint communication path (using RAAT if Endpoint is Roon Ready).

All audio is sent via the core in Roon regardless of protocols or devices used the devices are not getting any source direct. It’s a centralised system.

Hello @musickid, these guys are correct here. The core is the source.

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