Small Roon Library in a USB stick?


Very recent Roon user and probably my questions don’t make much sense…

I have a very small library for now, and I have a 256GB UBS3.2 stick that can easily fit all my albums. Would it make sense to use the USB stick as a Roon library or better to use the SSD drive, which is the same where I have Roon installed?

I’m using an old DELL i5 8th gen with 8GB RAM, running Roon on Linux.


A USB stick isn’t a very secure way of doing things. I’d put it on the SSD and back up to the USB stick.

I don’t think you are meant to put your music library on the same SSD that hosts Roon itself.

I don’t personally see the harm in using a USB thumb drive, I have a 512,gb one stuck in the back of a laptop myself.


The only issue I see with using a USB drive is they don’t hold up to a lot of read writes as compared to a SSD or SATA drive.

I have a few here that years of sneaker netting to a 3d printer are no longer usable.


You can’t on ROCK. But any other OS is fine. What matters is the backups.


Is there not room on a HDD in your core PC

As stated above ,as far as I know there is no requirement NOT to use the SSD containing Roon, that’s a limitation applied by ROCK not Roon running on a normal Windows PC

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Thank you all
I will move the files to the SSD. My concern is if that would impact roon performance since I have Roon server installed in this same SSD.
By the way, I’m not using ROCK, I installed roon on a PC running UBUNTU (Linux).

There will be no impact on performance, you will be fine.