Small Volume Limits bug

I have set volume limits on one of my endpoints (a Raspberry with an Allo Boss HAT) and use Volume Limits to control its maximum output. I have set the Comfort Limit to 50 and the Safety Limit to 50 as well. All fine but when I close the Device Setup window the Volume Slider still displays a level of 100. I can move it back to 50 but only in small increments. Once below 50 it works fine and keeps working fine. Not a massive issue but if you can reproduce it you may want to add it to the issue list. Thanks!

Hi @Sander_van_Dijk,

I’ve passed your report along to the team for further investigation. We appreciate the report!

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Thanks @Dylan, actually the bug is somewhat more ‘risky’ then I first anticipated because of its behaviour after a reboot of the Pi with the Allo Boss HAT. The volume rules I have set for this endpoint are still in place but completely ignored. Hence the volume is set at 100 instead of 50.

Thanks again for looking into this.