Smaller screen size support?

Hi! Happy new Roon user here—it’s everything I’ve wanted in a high fidelity player for my local music collection.

One challenge I’ve run into is with my media PC: I have a 1080p TV still, and run Roon (Core and player) and other things on a Mac Mini connected to it, and the Mac runs at 2x for readability so effectively 960x540. I know that seems like an insanely low resolution, but it actually works quite well in OSX and 90% of the software I otherwise use, like Plex, Spotify, EyeFi, etc.

However, Roon is very unhappy with it. It complains about the resolution and also cuts off the UI. Even when I scale the resolution up to 720p, it still cuts off the bottom scrubber bar. I have to run it at full 1080p for it to really work.

Now, I get it, it’s not designed for low resolutions. But as a web designer I have to wonder if there’s a missed opportunity here: the UI does not feel needing of so much vertical space, and I feel it could scale down the main content area quite gracefully with almost no impact on the experience. If I want to run it at low resolution, why not let me even if there are consequences? Keep the main parts of the UX in view and make the content scroll and a little more diminutive, but otherwise manage responsively. I think it would be just fine, and I don’t really understand the screen size limit. It feels arbitrary.

If there’s something I’m missing let me know, otherwise I will continue to control the core via my phone instead as it’s unusable on my TV. Thank you for listening!


I absolutely agree that using scaled-up UI on a TV makes sense.

It’s been many years since I worked with Macs but I seem to remember that there is an option in OS X to scale only specific applications. Not that it would solve the problem completely, though.