Smart playlist functionality to allow for things like, most recently added

I would like to set up a “smart playlist” that has the most recently added music for a given time period

For example, I want it to have the latest music added to my collection from the last 2 weeks, and always be updated.

(I like to play on random my most recent tracks. I had this set up in Foobar2k before moving to Roon)



Go to Album view; click Focus; click on Added graphic; click on Week or Month (closest you can get as of now)

Save as bookmark (eg. “Added in past month”);

You can retrieve this bookmark’s contents at any time and it will dynamically update to include album added during past 30/31(?) days; click Shuffle

I use something similar to show me albums I’ve never played since I’ve been using Roon

Hope this works

Close but not quite the same. Focus only allows one to pick a date plus greater or equal or less than or equal…so the bookmark will always look back to Oct 10th in this example below.


Thanks for your responses. Larry is right though

It doesn’t look like there is a way to do this currently.

Hi everyone. I’m using Roon sice yesterday and the first thing I miss is Smart Playlist. Really? Even free MusicBee can do that. I would like to listen to playlist where: year is between 1990-1995, genre include thrash, country is USA.

What you are describing can be done with the Focus feature.

My request differs, in that the date added is dynamic

I know, already found it. But when browsing through artist cannot choose “date” (only country and genre) and when browsing through albums cannot choose “counry” - that’s my point.