Smart Playlist Question

I’m very new to Roon but I’m hoping it will give me the ability to make smart playlists based on recent plays. So for example, create a playlist that allows me to select all the songs I have tagged as “Christmas” but only play the ones I haven’t played in the last 6 months. It’s possible in iTunes - is it possible in Roon?

Not thru Playlists.

I think you could accomplish some of what you want by using Roon’s Focus feature and bookmarking the results.

Thanks for the response. I haven’t played much with the Focus feature but I will now.

From Album view, use Filter ‘Christmas’ then save a new Bookmark ‘Christmas’. I’ve tried but haven’t figured out how to do it from Tracks view or using tags.

Album view
Tag icon - select Christmas tag.
Focus, left menu, Played in last 6 mths, toggle + to -
Shuffle Play.

I haven’t checked if you can do the same in Tracks, but if the Focus played menu is there then you could.

One issue is that Played in last 6 months will create a fixed date, so you may want to update it from time to time.