Smart Playlists?

One of the features of iTunes I really liked was Smart Playlists. It created an automated playlist of music added to my library in the past 90 days.

Is there a way to get Roon to do something like that? I add things to my library at such a pace that I lose track of “my” new music, and end up not listening to it as much.



Maybe read this?

FAQ: How do I create a smart playlist? How do I save a Focus? (

How can we make smart playlist in Roon - Roon Software Discussion - Roon Labs Community

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Thanks Andy. Looked at that and still not clear to me how to set this up so it’s automatic. I’m looking for a self generated play list of things added in the past 90 days that updates with no need to tag. Is that possible?

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Use focus to identify albums added in last 90 days then bookmark that set. It will automatically update. Then simply access that bookmark when you want to play that list.


Thanks David. That helped. Got it working.

Hello, bringing back this question. While the “Focus Mode” and Tag is very useful for most automated playlists based on genre, format, year… but I can’t seem to “type” in the Focus mode to search for any song containing a specific word in the Song Title.

For example, I’m looking to make a Smart playlist of all remixes by “Calderone”, so I want to make a Smart search for all song titles that includes that name. I know I can make a Focus based on “Composer”, “Remixer”, “Producer” credits, but not all songs have the DJ tagged in the credits, plus he might have a different name for the “full legal name credits” (and I’m not going to edit and add that through all my 200 songs by so many different artists, lol).

So, is there a way to make an automated smart playlist with just typing the “key word” and specifying that it should be in the track title? It’s so easy to do it in iTunes and Swinsian… Thanks!

Maybe the following workaround can get you started:
go Tracks view and filter on track name.
In my example I have filtered on ‘blinded’

You can then check manually the results, and select (all) to add to desired playlist

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Hi! Ohhh, this is very helpful, thank you very much!! I didn’t know about the little triangle shaped icon, that helped a lot… the only thing is that the Playlist won’t be updated automatically if I add more songs, which would be cool for Roon to do (perhaps if I save it as a Bookmark, then it’ll be automatic, but I wanted a playlist). I guess I’ll have to add it manually then, but for now it’s fine as I’m not expecting an overload of remixes anymore anyway, haha.


I realize the last post in this thread is almost a year old, but hoping my questions are relevant. And I did go through both of the links above. If the answers to my questions are in that info I missed it.

I’m looking for a way to create smart/dynamic playlists.

Basically, it seems, there is no way to create dynamic tags, bookmarks or playlists showing albums in my collection released in the past 5, 10, or 15 years.

Using 10 years as an example, I can create a focus for all albums released since 2014, but next year I will have to create a focus for all albums released since 2015. There is no way to have tags/bookmarks/playlists update dynamically taking a new year into account.

Is that correct?

It’s not that hard to create a specific focus and a tag from the albums found with that focus, but it would be nice to have a truly dynamic method.

No. playlists are static. Bookmarks can be dynamic depends on the bookmark. If you bookmark a Focus in albums, for example, then as new albums meet the criteria they will be listed in the bookmark.

Tags can be “dynamic” depending on what you tag. For example, you can Tag two Genres and if you shuffle play that tag, any album added since you created the Tag will still be picked up if they are part of the two tagged genres. This goes for Artists or Composers, or Compositions that have been tagged.

However, if you are talking about specific tracks or album objects, then those tags are static as they only apply to the object directly tagged.

That makes sense.
I appreciate the info.