Smart Playlists?

One of the features of iTunes I really liked was Smart Playlists. It created an automated playlist of music added to my library in the past 90 days.

Is there a way to get Roon to do something like that? I add things to my library at such a pace that I lose track of “my” new music, and end up not listening to it as much.


Maybe read this?

FAQ: How do I create a smart playlist? How do I save a Focus? (

How can we make smart playlist in Roon - Roon Software Discussion - Roon Labs Community

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Thanks Andy. Looked at that and still not clear to me how to set this up so it’s automatic. I’m looking for a self generated play list of things added in the past 90 days that updates with no need to tag. Is that possible?

Use focus to identify albums added in last 90 days then bookmark that set. It will automatically update. Then simply access that bookmark when you want to play that list.


Thanks David. That helped. Got it working.