Smart watch, dumb question

Is it possible to set up a smart watch to perform track skipping, pause and perhaps volume control in Roon (similar to the way Ropieee allows these features with endpoints and a Flirc remote)?
I don’t own a smart watch, but am considering buying one for other purposes. It would be handy to have these basic Roon controls on my wrist as the epitome of laziness when playing a playlist or multiple tracks.

Others can feel free to correct me, but I don’t think this is currently possible.

Take a look at rooWatch. More info here.


DaveN, thanks for the info. Unfortunately, my smart watch will be for my Android phone,

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For iphones, the apple watch adds playback controls automatically for the music app used on the phone. So if you use Roon remote on your phone to control the music you will have playback controls on the watch, without any additional app, it;s how the system works.

The same thing might happen on Android but I don’t know since I’m enslaved in the Apple ecosystem :slight_smile:

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After my purchase of a Google Pixel smart watch to go with my Pixel phone, I’ll answer my own question.
The watch is able to control rudimentary Roon playback to any Roon device (play/pause/skip/volume) as long as the Roon remote app is running on the cellular phone associated with the watch. It also works with the Arc app on the phone.

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