SMB Mounted Share "Host is Unreachable" after 1.2

I upgraded to Roon 1.2 on El Capitan 10.11.4

My SMB-mounted Drobo can’t be found even though it is mounted. I am able to open the directory in the Finder. It’s found via Drobo Dashboard. I can play the music files using iTunes.

But Roon isn’t seeing the host any more. I tried deleting and re-enabling, same thing.

What am I missing?


I’m not sure if SMB login problem with 1.2 helps or not but it might be related.

I’ll leave a flag for @Mike to catch up with you.

Thanks…strangely, I was able to mount the Drobo as a local drive, but I recall a few weeks ago I was advised to mount as smb networked rather than as local. For now, we’ll see how the library scans as a local drive and whether it’s stable. Under Roon 1.1, I had frequent losses of library with rescans daily.

Let me know if that configuration is stable for you @Dan_Levy – if you’re still having problems we’d definitely like to look into it for you.

We did a lot of work in this area so this should be a lot more stable on 1.2. Let me know if you’re having any issues and I’m sure we can get this working. Thanks!

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