Smb1 issues with Win10

Had a quirky issue today setting up my new NUC with ROCK, and pretty sure others will have come across this.

After installing ROCK, I tried to connect to its data folder from a windows client to add the ffmpeg library. However, connecting to
\\rock prompts for a username and password and windows refuses to allow guest authentication. IT seems its a security safeguard in more recent windows versions, but the only way to circumvent it is to install the smb1 addon through the windows control panel. Some managed pc’s won’t have that option though…

As luck has it, I have a Mac that has no qualms about connecting to the share as guest, so that was my quick fix.

Does anyone know if the roon team is planning to address this somehow? As ROCK is made for tinkerers, opening for ssh/scp could be an alternative way to access the folders, or maybe the implementation of smb2/3 would be a possibility…? Or maybe an even cleverer solution altogether:-) What say the Roon devOps?

If you run gpedit.msc and change “Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Network/Lanman Workstation/Enable insecure guest logons” to Enabled, this will allow you to use “\rock” to access your machine. Works on Windows 10 Pro and Server versions but I don’t have a Home version of Windows to check if gpedit.msc is available :thinking:


Thanks but that doesn’t work for me. I’m using a company laptop with policies that override the setting, I suspect.
I can live with using the Mac - it doesn’t happen very often that I have to access the rock via smb anyhow, but thanks for the heads-up :smile:

You’re welcome… and hopefully it will help others :wink: