Smooth Scrolling - Snappy and colourful album cover previews

When scrolling quickly through my albums, usually I see many grey placeholder images until the album covers have loaded quickly, and when the speed of inertial scrolling decreases the images quickly load, one by one.

Maybe it’s possible to create a smoother experience by utilising a trick Facebook uses in their software:

I guess it would be possible to keep an in-memory cache of thousands of 200 B images at relatively little cost, and I bet your graphics card powered rendering is able to handle the blurry rendering well.

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What hardware are you running Roon Server on?

@evand Hardward isn’t really the issue, it is about really fast versus instantaneous.

Let say 20,000 Albums @ 200 Bytes … 4 M memory to cache the blurry images …

I’ve leave a flag for @Danny it’s an interesting idea.

I think you’re off by a couple orders of magnitude on that.

A 200 byte image (decoded into a RGBA pixmap for quick blitting) would be about 7 pixels x 7 pixels. I think you meant 200x200 pixels, which would be (4000 pixels * 4 bytes per pixel) = 16,000 bytes per image.

16 kbytes * 20000 images = 320,000 kbytes = approx 320MB.

Right? Maybe if you didn’t use alpha you could cut it by 4 but that’s still huge. And that’s just 1x, not 2x or 3x resolution for hi-res devices.

Hi MIke,
I may have got it wrong but I don’t think so, did you read the linked article that @icheckmusic posted?
A quote from it:

200 bytes
To address these issues, we asked ourselves if we could create a visual impression of the image using only 200 bytes.

I find this deeply confusing, I find it hard to skim through lists like this, I’d much prefer it scroll, not jump pages as well.


I too would prefer Roon to support smooth scrolling rather than paged.

Having inertia-with-friction scrolling would be the icing on the cake - you can give the screen a really strong swipe and see it scroll fast and gradually slow down.


Yes, yes, yes.

It feels so much more natural and intuitive than paging.
Tablets, phones and computers aren’t books. Lets move on :grinning:

+1 for Smooth Scrolling than Page by Page scrolling.

Team Roon - Thank you in advance for working on it :wink:

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+1 for smooth scrolling option in the settings.

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