SMS-200 Neo (new) or Sonore Ultrarendu (used)

Hi there. To replace my mac mini that is now used as Roon Bridge, I am in the process to buy a SOtM SMS 200 streamer. New. Fits my budget of approx EUR 550.

Now there is a second hand-deal available in my neighbourhood: a Sonore Ultrarendu, V1.2 with CI Audio VDC7 MKII power supply. 2 years old. For the same price. New kit or more advanced kit? These network adapters work quote the same right? What would you guys advice? I use a Chord 2qute DAC over USB. Cheers.

Can you find a used SMS200 Ultra Neo?

There are a few on HiFi Shark

That’d give you an upgrade path later too (power supply, USB ultra etc)