SMS 200 PSU Upgrade

Should I upgrade my stock PSU to one of the following or keep the stock one ?
Paul Hynes SR4
Uptone LPS1

Is the upgrade a noticeable difference in sound ?

I didn’t notice much improvement (with sbooster). I actually even don’t think that sms-200 adds anything to the sound! Saying that I think it doesn’t take anything from the sound either, it is giving very fair representation of actual audio signal without damaging it in any way.

But it’s a great device, even if it doesn’t add anything to the sound chain, it sounds fantastic just because it allows me to play dsd and mqa through roon to my Mytek DAC

Based on above measurements it looks like yes - LPS upgrade is important to sms-200 but in general sms-200 is no better than any other network player

On measured performance, I see no reason to acquire this to have better sound compared to a computer driving your DAC. Both the architecture of the device and my measurements confirm the same

No, if one only looks at measurements most of the points of doing anything is absent. By playing music through the devices in addition there is a chance you’d find one you prefer. Don’t get me wrong; measurements are important but does not tell the whole story.

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