SMS-200 with Roon license

I am not sure it is the right place to post my question, sorry about that. I am planning on upgrading my system to a Mytek Brooklyn+ and Sotm sms-200 which includes a one year Roon license. I already have my 1 year license active, does anybody knows if I can hold the license that comes with the Sotm to when mine lapses and use it by then? I don’t want to lose it.
By tye way, I am using a mac mini connected to a Moon 230HAD DAC and MLevinson 334 amp, B&W802 speakers. Do you think my upgrade plan will be a real improvement? In all scenarios the DAC working as a preamp. Love to hear your thoughts.

Hi Max, i dont have answers for your questions but was wondering whether you were planning on keeping the Moon as a pre or replacing it with the Mytek?
I can fully recommend the sMS-200 however. If you are connecting the DAC today directly to the Roon Server over USB i think you’ll experience a noticeable improvement with the sMS.
I mainly use an sMS also but into a Nêo 430HAD. the DAC is really nice but just a little bit dry in the presence-registers, i think (but havent heard) this will be similar to the Mytek sound. The 430 then drives my Karan poweramp directly.

I am planning on keeping the moon 230had as a headphone amp only on a secondary room and the mytek to drive my stereo system connected direclty to the levinson amp. I read the mytek has a great volume controller hence it should be a better preamp compared to the moon.
Do you recommed an upgraded psu for the sms-200?

The Moon components sure are capable headphone amps! In my opinion the sMS-200 will benefit from a linear PSU but it performs very good even in standard shape.
(I mostly use the standard part but have a couple of options, such as a sBooster Eco BOTW)

Hi @Maximiliano_Doweck, you can hold onto the Sotm license and redeem it after your current annual term is up – the code doesn’t expire. Thanks!