SMSL M 500 DAC for MQA decoding with roon

Hi every one,

I have been currently using Marantz NA 8005 network player streaming Roon via Alrplay without any problems. However, rather than airplay transmission, I would like to add a SMSL M500 DAC to my system through my Marantz’s digital coaxial output then to my amplifier.
I ve some queries about the connection;

Firstly is it right connection path through Marantz to SMSL DAC or should it be the direct USB connection of SMSL DAC connected to amplifier. My PC is in a different room and it will take a longer cable connection like approx 8m.

Secondly SMSL even if MQA capable, is not requested either roon ready or roon tested brand. Wonder if I have any problems with it

Thanks in advance for your comments and sorry for bothering you the possible silly queries.

Have a nice Sunday

During MQA playback, the M500 has a brief pause when switching formats, so if the track has a moment of silence at the beginning you won’t notice, but if it starts right in, you’ll miss a fraction of a second. Otherwise it’s great. Set it as a decoder and renderer.

I’ll leave others to opine on cable question. I think ideally you want to connect transport/streamer directly to the M500 if you want to have MQA capability, but I’m not familiar with with the scenario to have an opinion.

There are a lot of threads on various issues, but most people like it at the price point.

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Thank you and appreciated your info.