SMSL M100 DSD Native Support

(Aaron Lynch) #1

Good Morning

I have a relatively cheap standalone USB DAC (SMSL M100 with AKG4452 chip) for use with PC and Roon and it sounds awesome. It is DSD capable. See link.

Just wondering what would be involved to get Native support enabled for it.

(Mr Fix It ) #2

Quite dependent on the OS capability of supporting it. If windows the correct drivers should enable the maximum ability…assuming the dac is Usb connected to core machine. If it’s running linux or Mac then limitations will be expected. More details about your setup are needed.

(Aaron Lynch) #3

G’day Wizard (I presume)

The PC is a toshiba satellite i5 running Win10. The DAC is connected USB and the XMOS drivers are running on the machine. The ‘Native’ option is not available in Roon.


(Mr Fix It ) #4

What about if you use a different software app to play?

(Aaron Lynch) #5

G’day Mr Fixit

The driver offered on the OEM website ( extracts to be a Thesycon XMOS USB driver. I didnt notice anything else that would enable native support. I could try the generic driver from windows but I understand the xmos functionality is quite useful?


(Mr Fix It ) #6

Well actually I meant something foobar or other player software

(Aaron Lynch) #7

Oh ok. Apologies.

I have a trial version on jRiver sitting on the machine. I might see what happens there…but to be clear, there is output audio coming from Roon for a DSD, but is it not true that if the dac is incapable, or not enabled for native DSD support, Roon will re-render in PCM? I think that is what is occuring in my system…I am at work so can’t quite remember which DSD-PCM setting is working best. I am getting the bright blue light showing High Quality stream when I listen to DSD…so maybe I am already at the highest capability.

(Mikael Ollars) #8

Post a screen shot of your “signal path” while playing DSD material, and also one of your Audio settings for this endpoint.
It’s easier to see what’s going on.

These are the screens we’d like to see:

(Mr Fix It ) #9

If you have another SD flash drive card maybe try a different OS like as this maybe has better device support.

(Aaron Lynch) #10

Gday Mikael, and thanks guys

Attached are screen shots. I tried jriver and it reported it was playing in DSD64, which was what I expected. It sounded awesome in any case.


(Aaron Lynch) #11

With all dsp turned off, this is what the steam looks like. No audio though.

(Aaron Lynch) #12


On advice from the retailer I bought the dac from, I found an asio driver which allowed native dsd. I can’t use dsp enhancement with it though… end up with white noise over the top of the audio. Might have something else wrong. The sample rate though is now 768 where it was 192. Inn any event, it’s sounding lovely. To be honest though, I liked the dsp enhancement on the dsd file better than just the raw dsd… the upsampling will be the reason I guess. All very new to this stuff. Cheers Aaron

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(Mikael Ollars) #13

Okaj, thanks for the responses! :slight_smile:
Glad it’s working, and i understand better now. For Native DSD you need a particularly patched Linux kernel version or a Win machine with ASIO drivers. Not always easy to accomplish! :wink:

(Mark Lalor) #14

Hi all,
I’m new to all of this too. I have exactly the same issue as @Aaron_Lynch in that I have latest roon core running on a linux quad core asus laptop and a ropieee bridge connected to the smsl m100 via usb. When playing any flac source up to 96khz I have no issues getting 768 pcm to the dac and it sounds great. When upsampling to dsd of any bitrate from 64-512 I get massive white noise and the volume goes off the scale. When changing to DoP on the device and sending flac upsampled to dsd I get no sound at all.

I was wondering if you got yours working with dsd and dsp Aaron?

Any help is appreciated. Cheers, Mark