Smsl m200 with roon is not an option-doesn't work well with mqa and dsd

Hello, I create this topic to address my problem. I use Roon with MacMini and purchased SMSL M200 to use via USB. To my surprise and disenchantment the M200 crashes all the time, it often disappears from the audio output options connected to RoonCore.
This happens when I play DSD or MQA already decoded by Roon. Strange because the signal confirmed by the DAC is PCM
Can someone help me. Won’t it work properly?
Would it be a limitation of the Roon or the M200?
I am purchasing Raspberry Pi 4b with RoPiee.
Can this problem go away?
I would be happy to shed some light on this dilemma.

Would the M500 be a solution?

Have you tried contacting SMSL? They may be able to help you.

I have heard my customers having better luck with the M500. It is less complicated, no Bluetooth etc, and it more of an audiophile DAC.

I would recommend getting an player Roon Ready such as a microRendu for the best sound and the ability to do native DSD.

Thanks só much

I already have a Roon reader player on my main set, DSJr from PS AUDIO. I’m building another smaller set with S300 and Dynaudio Evoke 10, so I don’t want to invest a lot of money. I can still return the M200 but the raspberry cannot.

Hi @Ubiraci_Lisboa

Do you have these problems if you play to this device outside of Roon?

Are you able to play to other endpoints in Roon okay?

What does the Signal Path look like?

Hello, SMSL M200 working as a Swiss watch, perfect. The USB cable was defective. I changed the cable and everything cleared up magnificently. Playing MQA without interruptions and choking. I started using Roon via RoPieee, it was a pleasure to assemble the entire RPi4 with an official display, the look was wonderful. Testing MQA and DSD everything plays like a charm. The sound quality was visible in relation to the stuck and shy sound of the Macmini. More dynamic and more striking in transients.