SMSL M500 MQA Vs Pro-Ject s2

Has anyone done a comparison between the SMSL M500 MQA and Pro-Ject s2? Is so can you provide your thoughts on these two units and which unit is the best? Are their other similar units you might recommend? Thanks

I haven’t done a comparison but you have a choice between a mature option at the end of its development cycle and something new which may still need wrinkles ironing out.

Only that the Pro-Ject S2 wrinkles have never been ironed out. I own one and never seen a firmware update coming along.

Odd that because they have been issued. What is you firmware level.

2.12, still the same since bought in March 2018.

Yes, that is from around the time the designer stopped being involved. What issues are you experiencing specifically? All good information for people making the same choices.

I’m currently deciding wich of the two DACs to buy. Any suggestions?
For a long time I wanted the Pro-Ject, but when the SMSL appeared it made me doubt wich one could be better for upgrading from a Dragonfly Cobalt.
This are he two options available in terms of budget and availability.
Thanks in advance for the recommendations!