SMSL SD-9 compatibility with Roon

I’m looking to invest in a set of Genelec monitors and subwoofers. With this setup I will need a piece of equipment with digital AES output to feed the monitors and subs because they have onboard DACs that work with Genelec’s room correction software. I’m planning to have these monitors setup with my computer which has USB and optical outputs.

I’m considering:

I have preference towards the SD-9 given it has more features. Does anyone have experience using the SD-9 with Roon?

Thank you for reading

If you’re only using the Genelecs for roon, and you don’t mind a little DIY, you could use Ropieee with this HAT PI2AES - PRO AUDIO SHIELD - Pi2 Design

Sadly raspberry Pis are tricky to obtain currently.

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See this trhread for more information on the SMSL (it isn’t a Roon endpoint):

I would stick with the advise from GregD.

Or use an iFi Zen Stream for $400.