SMSL SU-8 or Topping D50 with Nucleus?

I am looking at both of these well-reviewed mid-priced DACs ($250), can’t justify the high dollar units. I hope to make a buying decision soon.

I would appreciate any experience with either/both playing Roon on a Nucleus. I own 2+GB of files and subscribe to Qobuz. There are only minor differences in the measurements of these two units, and most of those are out of the range of normal hearing.

The SMSL is interesting to me because of the balanced outputs; my pre/pro has balanced inputs that might bode well for playback. Or not?

Thanks in advance for your input!


No experience of either but given you have the potential for a balanced setup, that is where I would be going. SU-8.

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I got an SU-8 to use with the Massdrop THX AAA 789 headphone amp. It did very well (better than the $80 SDAC).

I used to in another room connected to a MicroRendu.
But I have also tried it connected directly by USB to the Nucleus, works very well.

I don’t use it much, invested in some expensive upgrades.
But I just tried it again, compared the SU-8/789 stack with a Chord Hugo TT2/M-Scaler at 20X the price, and the SU-8/789 has nothing to be ashamed of.

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That’s what I am thinking, too. Thanks.

It is well regarded, especially with the new upgrade. Looking forward to it.