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Now Roon is saying ‘Snapshotting Databases’ and that it might take an hour.

I thought I had set back-ups to happen at 2 am so surprised to see this happening in the middle of the day when I go to listen to music.

How often should I expect this to happen and can you not control when it happens?

Sean Browne

It normally happens only at the times when you have scheduled a backup, and only if you are not playing music and haven’t played recently (in this case a scheduled backup gets postponed.)

Maybe check and/or post a screenshot of your Roon > Settings > Backups > Scheduled Backups > View

BTW it says it might take a few minutes or an hour depending on the size of your database (and the speed of the storage, I suppose), but an hour should only happen with staggeringly huge databases. I have 3500 albums / 45000 tracks and it takes like 2 minutes or so to attached SSD

Thanks for responding, I think I have 3600 albums but it’s been an hour now. Not sure what I should do. There is no UI displayed just that message. Wondering if I should quit and re open, if that would work.

I only know my Roon :slight_smile: but I don’t think that can be right on an M1 Mini. (I have a 10i5 NUC with ROCK). Not sure what to do either. I don’t think it will cause any corruption to quit at this point but who knows. Do you have an existing working backup?

Edit: Where are you backing up to?

This is so disappointing, I have so much invested in this in the last month and have been so excited about using it. To have it just crapping out mid day like this… and this is the only way to get support. Hope someone answers your question? Do appreciate you trying. I guess I’ll leave it a little longer and then try to quite. I think I have one back-up from July 23 but not sure if that’s what it’s supposed to look like. I also see a roon_backup_root file from this morning.

Backing up to

/Documents/RoonBackups on my iMac

Well after 90 minutes I just quit and reopened and it seems ok. I show one successful backup on July 23. Maybe I will go to manual backups. This is kind of troubling. Thanks again for taking the time to try and help me, I really appreciate it. -Sean

Good. Roon support monitors the #support category and they will get to this but it can take a while because they are understaffed.

In the meantime, the timing of the backup is odd and it’s weird that it took so long, onto the same machine. Regarding the duration, I suppose Roon support will have to take a look at your logs.

As for the timing, is the clock on your Mac set correctly? Maybe it just thinks it’s in a different time zone or the clock is wrong.

(You should do separate backups somewhere else by the way, just in case. Disks die occasionally, so another backup to an external disk is good to have).

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Thanks Sue,

The clock is certainly right on my iMac. It’s brand new. Am fairly technical proficient. I like the idea of backing up to an external disk so maybe I’ll just periodically do that manually. Thanks again for your help and morale support!

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Something odd is definitely going on because you should have two more backups since the 23rd, i.e. you’ve specified a backup every 4 days, so there should have been one on the 27th, and another on the 31st … assuming that your Mac isn’t sleeping or turned off at 2am.

What happens if you force a backup to the same location? If you click the three dots on the right (see your screen grab) you can select ‘Force backup now’. Does this work?

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So I tried that, got ‘snapshotting databases’ again for like five seconds and then it went back to the backup dialog with a little round glyph, said preparing backup and seems to have finished in like ten seconds. So, maybe I’m good. That seemed to work. Appreciate the suggestion very much.



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