Snark free zone 2021

We all are very fortunate to have the resources to have large collections, streaming services, and Roon software. We pay Roon a lot and we expect a lot, that is all good. Let’s all try to make this forum a positive experience and limit the personal jabs and sarcasm (which sometimes is unintentionally taken the wrong way).

The Roon team is working hard and are passionate about what they do.

So continue to express yourself about what works, what doesn’t work, what you want in Roon… but let’s try and keep the tone positive!

Happy weekend!


Are you new to the Internet?


I’ve been on a good two months now!

Every last corner turns into negativity. It just gets tiring.


The Forum will be what we make it.

We can choose to be keyboard warriors, shielded by the distance and anonymity the Internet affords, always ready with a smart remark to take down others. Eventually, however, we might find it all a bit tiresome and wonder why we continue to have such an adolescent hunger for ego reinforcement.

Or, we can treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. Assist where we can and laugh with people, rather than at them.


oh my sweet summer children.

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Having managed online forums for multiple very large and very small tech companies (all of which had positive atmospheres), I’m in strong agreement with andybob that it is what we make it. If we respond to negativity with negativity, whammo, the game is lost.

That said, a careful hand in moderation is also required.

Not too intrusive, but anytime, and I mean 100% of the time when an individual is attacked, as opposed to an issue, the attacker needs to be warned, and if they repeat the behavior, have their account locked out.

They can always create another account on an open forum like roon’s, but only the sociopaths will do it time and time again, and they’re pretty obvious to everyone.

I know this can be controversial, but I can say from experience it works, and that most community members appreciate it. It shows people who have good intentions, but marginal behaviors that they need to rethink their approach.


From what I’ve seen, we don’t have any of those. But there are handful of fairly unpleasant personalities. Rather that scuffle with them, its just easier to mute or ignore them via the Discourse tools. You won’t miss anything.

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You can mute or ignore individuals here? I didn’t know that. Can you please point me to the instructions for that? I’ve occasionally (not often at all) wished I had the feature but couldn’t figure out how to make it happen. Thanks.

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Click on your icon on the upper right corner of the screen.
Then click on the gears (settings) icon.
Then select Preferences.
Then select Users.
You can then add an offensive user (such as @grossmsj) to either the Ignored or Muted category. It will give you a choice of how long you want to leave a user ignored.
Every user is different, of course. It’s up to you to decide.


I didn’t know discourse had that feature. Thank you!

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Or just avoid any threads with MQA in the title :wink:


or do routers/ethernet cable effect sound quality


Hiding already :see_no_evil:

Or $GME and Hedge Funds

Don’t forget USB cables!

I wonder if anyone has done an audiophile wifi antenna yet?

Audiophile air, because normal air is not resonating properly.

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Er why? Yr not a lover of mqa i take it?

And there you go. Can you wait a few minutes? I go and grab some popcorn.