Sneak Peak #2 - Classical

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Roon may actually convert me from a philistine that appreciates classical music into a connoisseur that understands it :smile:

As if the waiting wasn’t hard enough – this teasing stuff is just plain mean. :smiley:

Both teasers looking great though.

@audiomuze, I’ve found myself listening to a lot more classical now that I can see the structure, the history, the names, etc… The “album” was possibly the worst thing to happen to classical music :frowning:

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This does look really promising - thanks for the teaser.

My biggest frustration with Sooloos was how it just mixed all my ripped CDs together, and as you have clearly understood, the way people tend to store/index their ‘pop’ albums (alphabetical by artist) is quite different to the way they tend to store/index their classical albums (alphabetical by composer).

I always felt that Sooloos would have been greatly improved by splitting one’s library into 2 parts, effectively classical and non-classical. Then, when you went into a browse by album cover mode you’d get all your classical albums together, sorted by composer, and if you picked the other option, you’d get all your ‘pop’ albums together, sorted by artist.

That would still be my preferred way of browsing my collection, and whilst Roon is clearly applying a vastly superior principles to its interface and data, I wondered if such an approach was to be used in Roon?

Mixing classical and non-classical albums into one big list really does have serious limitations, imo.

Finally, this is my first post, and I should take the opportunity to say (as others have before me) just how refreshing it is to have a company prepared to engage with its customers (or potential customers, as it is at this stage) to the extent you guys have.

I have absolutely no doubt that there will be a tangible commercial payback for such an approach, but for the time being it is certainly engendering a level of interest and support which you should be extremely pleased with.

Good luck.



Thanks for your kind words Neil!

We agree with your “mixing into one big list” sentiment. However, people tend to divide their music library into groups that we can not predict. For example, I personally want my heavy metal split out separate from my classical, which is also split out from everything else.

To solve this problem, we’ve come up with the concept of bookmarking any screen. This, tied with focus, should get you something very close to what you want.


On the composer browser, you see a lot of jazz and classical composers mixed. So you focus on classical, and bookmark it. Now, to return to classical only composers, load your bookmark and proceed from there.

On the album browser, I see everything mixed. So I focus on heavy metal subgenres, and bookmark it. Now, to return to my metal albums, I can load my heavy metal albums bookmark and proceed from there.

We felt that this was a great way to let users chop up and segment the library in many ways, and still have the different groupings accessible with 1 click.

When we launch next month, I hope you give us a shot and try out this functionality. If it doesn’t meet your needs, be sure to let us know so we can try to address it in a future update. It’s tough to figure out the right way to do this stuff for everyone’s personal tastes, but we’ll keep trying until we get it right.

Thanks for the reply Danny.

Yep, that sounds like it will work! I look forward to trying it for real in a few weeks time.

Can’t wait… :smile:


Hopefully this extends to understanding opera in acts and scenes!


Any chance on a Tidal integration teaser?

release in a week and a half… we are cramming… dont think we will have time for more teasers :frowning:

Crack on and good luck…


Fair enough.

Will settle for the real deal. :smile:

Good luck for the final strech!

Could you extend this by allowing focus searches to includes subgenres?

@sm31: subgenre focuses work now… just open the subgenre tree by clicking on the colored genre wheel, then selecting subgenres (the little down arrow to the right of each genre opens them up)