Snowdog's Christmas List..!

I’m sure somebody will let me know if this is something you can do already. Roon is full of surprises & I’m learning something new every day (& loving it!). But here goes:

I don’t really use genres as such, but I do divide my albums into a few broad categories that are quite idiosyncratic. OST for soundtracks, JAZZ, TRUNK for all the various Johnny Trunk release that aren’t either soundtracks or Jazz albums, etc.

I use the “album artist” info to broadly sort things into these categories, but the fact that Roon seems to look at “Original Release Date” (which is my elected date to look at) second after “album artist”, whilst perfect for a run of albums by a given artist, makes other sorting more problematic.

For example, I like to have my soundtracks sorted by franchise or film title:

As you can see, I have to add the film title after the OST tag, because if it just had OST, they would then sort by original release date.

Trunk is the same. As you can see here, I’ve just started ordering them. Trunk, Alan Jefferson (bottom right) is first & the others will follow suit as I add the artist to the tag.

But it looks so much cleaner with just TRUNK underneath each one & would alleviate the need for the same information being repeated in a single entry if I could just prioritise the sort terms.

The current order should be the default, because that works best for almost all albums by individual artists but having some check boxes to choose the sort priority would be grand!

Something like this (which can be applied to shift selected albums) where the default order is currently 1, 2, 3:

(With as many different sort terms as would be deemed necessary.)

Also, those radio buttons never stay highlighted & if they did it would make it very much easier for a user to know that they’ve selected something correctly on an individual album basis when they check back.

Merry Christmas & thanks!