So I’m finally a paid member!

So, I’ve been an advocate of roon for a good few years now, but for many reasons I’ve never really taken the plunge into full blown roon. I’ve typically used a Mac with iTunes and iTunes remote and on the basis of back to back blind listening wasn’t able to hear any benefit to roon (and many including myself would suggest there’s no reason to either).

However Apple is starting to go down odd routes and iTunes is no more. They’re making it harder and harder to manage a library of your own music. I also think that controlling it all remotely is likely to get trickier With time. Add to this the fact I don’t even like the newest Mac OS, the choice was made.

I decided to get away from reliance on a single eco system (iTunes and airplay only).

Work had a spare mini PC lying around (i3,8gb and 256gb ssd) so decided to liberate that, throw roon onto it and just sell the Mac. The idea being that the Mac would pay for my first year of roon and give me a little spare to enjoy the season!

As of today, my trial ended and I went paid. I’m glad to finally be part of the community. I’m also excited about the opportunities that roon offers (considering a RoPieee with 7” display as endpoint soon).

It also coincides rather well with Tidal doing 5 months for £5, so I’ve started a Hi-Fi plan with tidal and also enjoying how I can include albums as part of my roon library.

All in all I’m looking forward to playing more, adding new endpoints and maybe even dabbling with room EQ etc.

Happy Roon Year everyone!


I’m stuck being a paying member! :grinning:

Welcome! I went all in after my trial and became a lifetime member. :smiley::metal:t4:

Sadly I missed the window of lifetime being an achievable price, but I’m happy to stay yearly. It gives roon revenue and means if I decide to move to something else, I can.

At current pricing it would take 7-8 years for lifetime to make sense, and who knows what digital music will be doing by then.


Ah, gotcha! I hope you get great use and enjoyment from Roon as I am.

Welcome aboard David.

Lots of great people on these forums to help you out if you need any assistance.

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Just looked for the tidal offer but it is only giving me a free month in uk.

Go for Qobuz! I recently switched from Tidal to Qobuz after getting very frustrated with their streaming technology while on cellular.

They are a bit cheaper for the top tier, especially if you go for the annual subscription. And, I think their high-res material sounds a little better than the Tidal equivalent.

How true, how true! But more importantly what will I be doing by then?

Remember there lots and lots and lots of dead tech out there:

8 tracks
audio cassettes
5 1/4" floppy disks
2 1/2" floppy disk
zip drives

you forgot about DAT! :wink:


That’s the whole point - dead tech is soon forgotten!

Punch cards


Not even a mention for Minidisc? :slight_smile:

And here is the link to the tidal offer


Ali I’m actually already a Qobuz user but just for purchases. Have only gone for tidal at moment because £5 for 5 months seems silly to pass up. Long term Qobuz would probably be my preference and at that probably only lowest tier, I generally prefer to own music, and only want a way to try out things before committing to the full fat version.

Not sure I like the idea of never really owning my music. It’s fine for tv shows and movies, they have a limited number of revisits in them, but music is forever, and deserves a little more commitment IMHO.

Having integration with roon is great for convenience though and for being able to randomly play stuff in non critical listening situations.


Congrats welcome into the Roon world.

Welcome to Roon David!

I made the plunge about a year and a half ago.

One of the best decisions I have made in a long time!

Welcome to the community!