So Mac Mini 2009 5400rpm 2.0GHz..all good!

Those specs are _way_below recommended but I gotta say…streaming CD quality to two rooms no problems at all. Roon Server and my library all on that 5400rpm platter! (6Gb Ram btw)
Now I’m new to all this so maybe I’m going to encounter problems…I’ve only ripped about a tenth of my CD collection so far.


Another happy Mac mini Rooner here. A 2010 for Roon Bridge and a 2012 for Roon Core. Enjoy Roon!

Yeh Mac Minis are great devices no doubt. But mine is OLD. I was pleasantly surprised Roon is running good.
(Still I was running a full blown audio studio on it all of 7 years ago.)

Hey, watch it! You callin’ my “2010” OLD?! :wink::grin:

I got a year on ya…that makes me older. :older_adult:



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