So what's up next?

Just to explain the rationale behind the multiple Watched Folder post…

Having multiple watched folder may change how Roon handles memory, which may have an impact on garbled fonts etc

Even if it doesn’t work, having several watched folders enables you to “Enable / Disable” particular folders and again should help with memory management and therefore garbled fonts

My suggestion for Folders might be something like

High Res PCM
Core Library [Std_Res]
New Albums
Infrequently Played Albums

And Enabling / Disabling Folders within Settings is a matter of a few seconds

Hi Ronnie, worth considering for sure (unless @brian tells us that is not how memory works). However, I am still watching one mega folder and 4 minor folders and don’t have the issue.

I find that most machines do need to be forced to use the performance GPU rather than the integrated GPU. I would try that and Roonserver before carving up any folders.


My graphics card is discrete so this shouldn’t be the problem.

Sorry…but I think you are mistaken. Your box has the Nvidia GPU certainly. But, it also has an Intel i7 chip and therefore also has Intel HD4600 GPU.

You need to check in graphic settings which one Roon is using.

I expect you have assumed it must be using the Nvidia.

Would be great to get a few ‘official’ hints here…… :grinning:

(on ‘whats up next’ I mean)

Hi Nick,

I checked and it is indeed the Nvidia GPU.

My best bet will be the 64 bit version.

You can run Roon server AND Roon on the same machine. I have been doing it for months. There are some idiosyncrasies in this setup but it works. If you want to give it a go I’ll shoot you a “What I did” type of message

From the various public threads we know that:

It will be RoonSpeakers, probably in November

Raspberry Pi can run RoonSpeakers, act as a DSD stream endpoint and drive headphones without a case

Squeezebox as an endpoint is intended

The underlying protocol is called Roon Advanced Audio Transport. An SDK will be released to manufacturers who will develop firmware for RoonReady devices. Software apps/packages, called RoonSpeakers are planned for mac, pc, android, ios, linux, rpi.

What the Roon team are attempting here is a brand new digital audio protocol made available without licence fees and deployed across the whole gamut of operating systems and hardware. The support for the RPi and Squeezebox should warm the cockles of all digital audio enthusiasts hearts. If they get it right (and I wouldn’t bet against them) then RAAT will be the new de facto streaming standard to be included in all new hardware.

I suspect that manufacturers will be writing RAAT firmware promptly as soon as they see their competitors doing it and customers asking for it.

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@andybob pretty much nailed it. One other thing on the menu in the near future: headless linux builds.


I just hope I can avoid the urge to telnet into my Aries and patch in Linux RoonSpeakers before the firmware is released. Did someone say “brick” ?

enhancements of music playing side (memory play etc) or more hooks into existing software on the play side
roon speakers
64 bit
I am assuming that bug swatting continues all the time, and will show up in any update

Loving it so far : Roon + Fidelizer + iPad client

And improved metadata editing capabilities. And being able to group live albums and compilations and singles and albums separately on the artist page. And better artwork handling (like rear album art and liner notes). Right? Right?? :slight_smile:


And Playlist and Tag labels following tracks to other views, please!

64 Bit Version Please!!

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Qobuz integration in the same way as Tidal.

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SACD ISO playback!

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SACD iso playback, ape and .cue.

  1. MQA integration!
  2. MORE ART and interior booklets (to add my voice to the chorus of previous requests. I think this is one of the single biggest features that all music application players and organizers are sorely missing)

Qobuz is apparently going bankrupt:

Agree on the art and booklets. I was just thinking about that last night, wanted to see what they said about lyrics on a Lena Willemark album, she sings in a local dialect, really a separate language, that no Swede can understand. My wife said, it must be described on the album, but I no longer have access to the album, it’s in the attic.

It is really good that we get reviews, but liner notes are also interesting.