Social sharing on facebook

This is no doubt a lame question but what are the steps to share album details on facebook. I hit the share button on the album page, have used a generated code to allow roon to access my facebook page,( whatever that means), but am not sure what happens then. I could just paste the saved album image to facebook myself but I assumed roon had something better up its sleeve.

I’ve been trying to use that feature too but it doesn’t work for me either on my iPad…

Connect your Facebook and/or Twitter account from your profile page. Once you’re done, you can just hit the share button and roon will do the rest. It looks stunning!

If you don’t want to connect your social media accounts you can still let roon save a picture and upload it yourself.

Sharing is a new feature introduced in Roon 1.3

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All sorted. Up and running this morning. May have needed overnight to sort itself. Thanks.

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