Sodo Radio has quit working, anyone have a good URL?

Does anyone have a good working URL for Soho Radio.
The 320k URL in Roon is no longer working

@Morgan_Engle, I re-categorized this to the Live Radio category so others may see it and assist with the Roon Radio volunteers.

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thanks @Robert_F

Which Soho station?

Soho Radio - Soho is working for me.

However, Soho Radio - NYC + Culture has indeed changed and looks difficult…

Hello, I was trying the NYC one, But I can use the other. Can you send me the Soho Radio URL? I can’t find it in Roon.

Search for Soho with the magnifying glass and they’ll both turn up.
However, is the explicit link.

The NYC Culture one looks like a no-go: it uses webm audio format and Roon can’t deal with that. I haven’t been able to find an alternative.

Thanks so much! Love the support here, thanks so much!

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