Soekris. 1541 DAC

Can Soekris 1541 DAC ending MQAfile from Roon Nucleus output?
Thank you

Soekris does not support MQA, only PCM and DSD. Roon would transcode MQA to PCM and feed that to the DAC.

My advice, if you are committed to that very nice DAC (I own one) is to just use PCM or DSD sources. If you really want to get MQA in full, you need a DAC that supports it natively.

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I use a DAM1021 and it also only supports the DoP and DSD - Sadly I killed mine with a nasty electrical accident so I need a new board…but great DAC’s the Soekris make.

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Thank you very much

Fernando, please enlighten me here.
As ROON transcode MQA to PCM and soekris can read PCM,
why not use it?
Of course, native MQA-D/A converter can also do the second step-the rendering,
then you have"full" MQA.

Thanks Robert

I guess you can do that (I don’t have MQA tracks to test) but you’ll be losing some of MQA’s resolution. Why bother with MQA then?