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Now that Roon 2.0 is out, there should be a sub-forum for ARC under Software discussion.

First topic: How do I do the following in ARC:
In Roon PC I can go to Browse on the left menu, then choose “Qobuz”, then click the MY QOBUZ link and there I see “My playlists” that I can scroll through or click a “More” button to see all. These are the playlists I created in QoBuz - which are different from the My Stuff>Playlists, which are “Roon Playlists” (and ARE supported in ARC). I don’t see a way to access my Qobuz playlists in ARC yet. I assume it will come one day, once version 1 is off the ground and stable… just need someone to acknowledge this is the case, and there’s no way to do it at the moment.

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