Software for automatic back up of a NAS

I have an ethernet home network with a Dell XPS8700 desktop computer running on Windows 10. On the network are two NAS’s - a Vortexbox ripper/server & a NAD Masters Series M50.2 ripper server. I would like to be able to back up the music files on these servers to a USB hard drive attached to my Dell desktop.

I have software to back up my computer to a USB hard drive. But what about backup software to automatically back up my ripper/server NAS’s to a USB attached hard drive? Does anyone have any experience & suggestions for software to do this?


The NAS manufacturer usually has synchronisation software bundled with it.
On QNAP (for instance) the software is called “HBS Backup Sync”, where you can create a task that will synchronise a set of folders to any known remote disk, or will backup your NAS locally or to another NAS.
You have also RSync which does the same thing.

I hope this helps.