Software planned for Linux mint?

Hi all. I am for the moment using my android phone with the roon app, but it’s very difficult to see the small letter’s. I see that many recommend iPad pro, but I just tried on my daughter laptop running Windows, and that was really a nice experience. Is can see that also apple is available for download, but are there any plans for making a Linux version? Im running on Linux mint.

Thanks and regards Robert

Only Roon Server and Roon Bridge are available on Linux.

Roon Server is your Core and the heart of the Roon system. You’ll need to use an Android or iOS tablet or phone for control, or a Windows/ MacOS computer.

Roon Bridge is used for networked endpoints and may be installed on small Linux computers such as the Raspberry Pi.

Roon Works well with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (I’ve also seen others report that it works on 19.10) so it should be fine with Mint.

Thanks for the answer. Any difference between the apple interface versus windows interface? Or even versus iPad?

I use a Sony Vaio 11 in Tablet on Win 10 , in portrait it’s a bit too narrow

I suspect you need to checkout the aspect ratio. I assume your laptop experience was landscape

I also use an iPad mini and a Samsung 6 in tablet

All give an excellent experience, of the 3 I think the iPad is crisper, if they all melted I think I would go for the biggest iPad , you only need the 64 gb version

The interface is largely the same across all platforms; screen size tends to determine layout and some functionality is unavailable on Android and iOS phones for this reason.

I must check again with my daughter laptop. I remember the software made a notification that I should run in full screen mode for optimized view (or something like that) so in that case what is the optimal screen resolution for Roon?

the software requires a minimum resolution that smaller screens with Windows scaling can cause that issue.

There is no native Linux GUI but the Windows one runs pretty well under Wine
Please see this repo for more details