Software release updates using agile development lifecycle

I would like to see more frequent enhancements. There is a long list.

I’ve been doing this in the last few years with my software development team and I’m sick of it. For a piece of software that we rely so heavily on I really do not want to update the core and the remotes often. What I want is a stable version with important and thoroughly tested updates from time to time. I’d rather have Roon run smoothly than receive new features that create issues. I know how much pressure it is to deliver when doing agile dev. I don’t feel that testing is good enough using agile development. And huge tasks like redesigning the whole app, which they are doing right now, require up to a year or more. Sure, internally they could use agile development for it, but that doesn’t mean they are gonna release something.

So I’m against any rushed releases for the sake of being trendy and using agile development. Not every product is suitable for agile.

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I’m with @Dusty regarding stability: that’s of high importance. How the Roon team achieves this I don’t care. Organizing development work is a Roon internal thing so it seems to be rather pointless to ask for a specific lifecycle model.