Software to fix metadata

Roon Core Machine

MacBook Pro

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Home network

Connected Audio Devices

Cambridge audio EVO

Number of Tracks in Library

Just starting, about 2000 tracks.

Description of Issue

As I rip CDs, there is an occasional error in Metadata. Is there software that allows one to fix metadata so roon organizes music correctly. Most CDs are fine, but there are occasional weird mistakes.

I use mp3tag for post rip metadata editing. Handles way more than only mp3.

Oops. There may be better choices for a Mac.

There are a few, personally I’m happy with Yate (from

Hey @Peter_Scheff

Please take a look at these recommendations from @garym and @Paul_Bemelmans and see if they look good to you. I’ve utilized mp3tag in the past as well and found it really easy to master after only a few hours use.

You may also want to take a look at dBpoweramp for ripping your discs. Many of our customers use that for ripping due to its excellent handling of metadata.

That’s exactly the combination I use - dBpoweramp to rip, and Yate to tweak metadata.

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Thanks! I have been using dBpoweramp for ripping CDs. It is about 99% accurate but there a few issues that need to be cleaned up. I’ll check out mp3tag.