Software to rip CD's for Roon

I’m looking to rip my Cd’s to import to Roon. What is the best software that’s easy for a Noob to understand and doesn’t take forever to rip? Thanks.

dbPoweramp is what I use.


What he said…lol
Or JRiver.
I think both offer free 30 day trials so you could likely get all your rips done by then.

Yes, dBpoweramp on Windows or macOS is my favorite as well.


Crazy…I used DBPoweramp like 10 years ago and it’s still the best.


+1 for dBpoweramp - excellent software, you can’t go wrong.


Yes, and there is a new version you can pay for :stuck_out_tongue:


dBpoweramp is my favorite, because it is excellent and cheap. But, to be honest, even good old iTunes (for Windows, free) gets the job done, as long as you don’t need FLAC instead of ALAC.

JRiver . I used it for my rips years back

I too like the majority here use dbPowerAmp. Would I like the Cd Ripper Options you use?

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It never gets knocked off it’s purch as the developer continues to add good features and keep it supporting the latest operating systems.

I have ripped about 3.5k CDS on the last 5 versions and update every few years, just to support the dev. dbPoweramp utilities for converting music is also excellent.

That and mp3tag are the staple workhorse for me.


Is it just me that likes the CDRipper on the web interface? :face_with_peeking_eye:

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In Rock/Nucleus? Yes you are the only one because it is acknowledged by Roon that this does not work reliably. And it creates random folder and file names and doesn’t tag the files either, so it’s annoying if you ever want to use the files outside of Roon.

I’m sure people would love it if it worked and didn’t go out of its way to be annoying :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m old school. I still prefer Exact Audio Copy (EAC) in Windows and X Lossless Decoder (XLD) in macOS.


EAC is also good, I have it as well as a back up plan.
Maybe it’s me but I find it a bit slower than dbpoweramp or JRiver?

If you use a Mac you can use Apple Music


When dbPoweramp notes that tracks are inaccurate will they still play well by taking missing information to fill in?

dBpoweramp does not have a way to fill in missing data. If the rips are do not match the AccurateRip database, dBpoweramp will, depending on settings, make multiple reads to try and get the data off the CD.


Don’t know because I never tested the others and I am currently working with a Mac.

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While it’s less extensive than AccurateRip the Cue Tools DB will allow for some correction of bad rips.