Software update, 1.8 build 831 installed doesn’t update further

Hi all,

Newbie here, almost always very happy with my Nucleus, old version (’brick’ size)

Now it just keeps telling me software update is needed, but when seaching for it only ends with the same message ”there was an error checking for update”.

Quite annoying actually… :cry:

It seems that is a problem when checking for updates.
I had the same problem.
I had to install manually on windows latest version.
Now in settings/about it says “There was on error checking for an update”
And that’s on all my Roon installed machines.

Install manually on windows?

I only have the Nucleus connected, no laptop, nothing else.

And BTW where can I find ”settings”?

(As I cannot get pass the initial ”software update needed” screen on the app…)

Indeed, in your case you can not update manually.
You cannot see “Settings” menu if you don’t have Roon installed on a Windows machine.
I was just saying that it is a problem with Roon update channel indeed.
There is also a new thread for this issue.

We’ll have it back up in an hour or two. Our maintenance window from overnight exploded.

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Are there regular maintenance windows and does this mean that UK and European users could receive poor performance in the mornings sometimes if so (assuming window is overnight USA time)?

Thanks a lot!

Would be a good idea if there could show a message indicating that there’s a solution on it’s way.

Not regular, but it doesn’t really matter since there should be zero performance issues. In this case, an actual issue happened that a critical developer who knew what was going on was asleep. It’s rare and it was a mistake, and actions have been taken to avoid this in the future.

it’s been back up for a while… did you try?

On call allowance required for critical staff!

Yep, it worked fine! Hence the thank you! :pray:t2::blush:

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