Software Update Need for new Nucleus +

Try rebooting the Nucleus+ - preferably by pressing the power button on the unit briefly to shut it down, and then pressing it again to power it up.

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Most likely you are running your router/modem in bridge mode and your ISP only allows one or two public addresses. As said before, you need to contac your ISP and have them configure your modem to route mode. Or attach a proper router inside of their crap. Get some local help with this if it all sounds like jibberish.

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Hi @Daniel_Gale,

By EoP here, do you mean to say you are using Ethernet over Powerline to feed the Nucleus+ network connection?

The Powerline adapter might have something to do with the issue, because as it stands you are not getting a valid IP address.

Has a reboot of the Nucleus changed anything? If not, I would suggest bypassing all of the switches and EoP and try plugging in the Nucleus directly to the router to see if that allows proper function.

I had this recently at a dealers customer, their router was set up to serve DHCP over WIRELESS only, and not over WIRED. Some odd configurations out there !! You could move the Nucleus so it’s WIRED directly to the Router (or use a long cable), to rule in / rule out the POE adapters. Also a cheap USB Wireless NIC can help trouble shooting in this situation, it will pop up as a 2nd Connection on your Web UI. If you’re net getting IP4/IP6, as others have mentioned, that device isn’t getting served correctly.

Ouch … :thinking:

Hi @noris,
Had a tech come today to sort things out. I’m all set now. Took him a couple hours to figure out my network issues so I don’t feel like an idiot. All good there. Thanks

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Turns out the Nucleus+ itself was bad. My dealer couldn’t get it online to his system either. Gave me his demo Nucleus until replacement comes. This one works fine now.

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Hi @Daniel_Gale,

Thanks for the update!

That’s strange, this looked like a networking issue, would you be able to share the name and city of the dealer?

That way we can also have the troubleshooting linked on this thread when/if they reach out to us to investigate that Nucleus further.

In any case, happy to hear that the new Nucleus is working out properly for you!

Yeah. We were all surprised because we assumed network issues as well.

My dealer has been very helpful.

Jamie Paul at

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Hi @Daniel_Gale,

Thanks for that information!

I see that they have already reached out to us regarding your previous Nucleus, so we’ll work directly with F1 Audio to troubleshoot the issue further.

I’m going to go ahead and close this thread since the issue is resolved on your end, do let us know if you run into any further difficulties!

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