Software Update Notification [Answered]

Is there a way to informed about new releases of the software? I installed Roon Server on a Linux machine thru the install script.
Would it be possible to have Roon software added to the repositories of most common Linux distros, like Arch Linux (in my case), Ubuntu, Fedora etc.? Then software would be updated automatically when running update or scheduled updates.

Roon is unusual in that it is truly cross-platform. It is interoperable over different operating systems on different devices. Part of that interoperability is a built in update prompt that:

  • Prompts the user from any Control when an update is available; and

  • When Update All is selected, upgrades all Roon components (Core, Control, Output) over all operating systems and hardware.

So if you simply click Update All on any Control when you see it, your Linux Roon Server Core will update automatically.

Edit: Also each new build is noted in the Software Release Notes section of this forum. If you adjust your Preferences to notify you when there is any New post to that section then that will keep you advised of each new version.

Good to know!