Software Updates

I may have missed this info in the details text.
For a lifetime membership are all future software updates included or is there a payment path for major updates?

I’m pretty certain that the lifetime subscription includes all future updates, but it would be good to have this confirmed.

Same here, I’m sure it’s been said. Although long-term perhaps this will change? I can’t imagine it’s reasonable to expect all software updates to be free in perpetuity even if the package evolves into something advanced and with lots of additional technology forks like RAAT or whatever they dream up in years to come.

Even though the lifetime membership seemed quite steep at the time, bearing in mind it covers their data provider costs, as well as software updates, I would imagine at some point the developers would need to collect some extra revenue, so would be interesting to hear their thoughts. Perhaps there will be new features that will be optional, and not really core to the program that might get priced as add-ons or something. Or maybe its just too early to tell……

For new users in the future perhaps the model will be different, but us early adopters will still get the royal treatment until the end of time and will be the envy of all newcomers? :wink:
Joking aside, that has happened on a few ventures I know of where ‘early adopters’ or kind of ‘founder members’ got a better rate going forward forever - after all they were there at the beginning and helped build the brand.

The Pricing page for the lifetime license mentions “Lifetime Roon data service” but doesn’t really say anything about ongoing updates, that i spotted on quick glance.

For any subscription service i can think of all product updates are included with the subscription, but most don’t also offer a lifetime rate as well. Just my guess but i agree that at some point there might be a charge for additional options for those of use with a lifetime subscription at some point. Maybe there is a version that has HQ Player fully built in, it would seem obvious to me that if you don’t already have a license for that you would need to pay more but for things like Roon Speakers or other similar updates that don’t have outside costs to them they would be included in the current service.

Personally what i would love would be a stripped down android app for my phone that can be used for basic navigation and playback with my current library (in the works i think) but also have the ability when im away from home to play files stored on my phone as it own separate library especially with the radio functionality. to me that would be worth an extra charge for the app since it would, i guess, technically be a different library.

I am certainly happy with the product i have now and once Roon Speakers and some endpoint hit the market i imagine i will be even that much more satisfied.

I certainly think it’s reasonable. It’s a subscription service, much like what more traditional vendors (like Adobe) are trying to migrate to, so that fee pays for those updates.

Well the Roon team thought it was reasonable, hence the contract offered!

I suspect you might be on your own with that opinion hifi_swlon; however, if you feel like donating some extra cash to the team when future updates are released, I don’t imagine that they would complain!

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Software updates will be free always, whether you are on lifetime or annual plans. We have no plan to breakout pricing a la carte either. Your membership includes everything you see now, and going forward.

The only exception to the above might be where we have an offering that requires a license fee to a third party. For example, if we had offered a DSP solution that required a large license to a third party, then if it was deemed important enough to include into Roon, we might make it an in-app purchase. We have no plans to do things like that at the moment, but just giving this as an example of our thinking.

If you want to support us further after buying a lifetime membership, you can buy your friends the gift of Roon :smile: