SOLD: Australia - sonicTransporter Intel i5 - Fanless Headless Music Server

Item: sonicTransporter Intel i5 - Fanless Headless Music Server

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Price: $AU620 pickup

Item Condition: Excellent

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only

Extra Info:

  • This is currently AUD920 shipped to Australia (USD645 plus shipping). Save $300 !

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  • There is an internal 128GB SSD which runs the Operating System and Roon Database - this 128GB can’t store files. You can use the USB port to add an external hard drive.

  • Has 8gb internal RAM and Intel i5-5200U

  • You can add an external USB drive (SSD or HDD) via one of the very fast USB 3.0 ports for storage. Note, only one USB port can be used for external storage at a time, even though there are 4 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports.

  • Fanless and headless operation - i.e. no keyboard or mouse or screen required for normal operation. They include video outputs on the back (VGA and HDMI) for troubleshooting only, not that I’ve ever needed to use them.

  • No mechanical moving parts inside at all

  • I’ve used it as a Roon Server but you can also use it as a DLNA server and other modes too.

  • When using it with Roon, I turn it on from the power button and by the time I sit down and open the Roon Remote app, my library is fully loaded. To shut down, you just press the power button and it does a safe shutdown. Super easy to use.

  • 12Vdc power adapter included

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