SOLD: KEF X300A Wireless speakers


I have a set of KEF X300A Wireless speakers for sale in White. I have owned these speakers for three years and they have been used in my office system. I am selling because I just upgraded to the KEF LS50 Wireless speakers. I am asking SOLD of them plus shipping to anywhere in the CONUS. The speakers are flawless and sound great. Please feel free to PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking. Pictures available upon request.

I wanted to ask you about the Wireless Kef LS50’s.
I am considering them, do need to hear them first somewhere.
How are you connecting them to Roon.
Since they have internal DAC, I assume you do not have one in the chain from Roon?

How do you like them?


David Watson

I have not connected them to Roon yet. I ordered a microRendu which is coming on Monday to use. The DAC in the LS50 is 24/192 capable. Right now I have them connected to a Sonos system which is great for background listening. As for how do I like them? I have had them about 24 hours now. Ask me again in a week or two. I love the fit and finish. I love the remote. I love the connections in the back. I like them better than the X300A they replaced. They are very clearly better in every way. Even with only 10 hours on them. KEF says 100 to 150 hours of burn in. So I have a ways to go. FYI, I did not hear them before buying them. There was no where to go to hear them. I bought them on faith since I was already a KEF X300A owner.

Thanks for the update.
I just got a microRendu that I have linked to my Audioengine 5+ that were my computer listening monitors.
I want to return them to that duty and had planned to use the microRendu for Kef’s .
I know ELAC is coming (along time coming) with active UB5’s but Kef is so beloved by owners I would expect I would get them