[SOLD] SOtM sMS-200 with mBPS-d2s Battery Power Supply

I bought this combination last month and have decided to sell it. I kind of went a bit nutty and bought too much stuff and have a little buyers remorse. I have a PS Audio DAC with a Bridge II that supports Roon and also a microRendu supporting Roon in a second system. This one has no home. I never use it after I tried it out when I got it. I am not willing to sell the network player or the power supply alone. This is a combination deal only unless I get inquiries for each and a buyer for each separately. I have all the original boxes and a two month free offer for Roon coupon that I never used since I am a lifetime Roon member. I will pay for shipping to anywhere in the CONUS. I will not ship out of the county. Too much of a hassle and the shipping cost is too prohibitive. I am asking [SOLD] for the combination shipped. Please feel free to shoot me any questions.