SOLD: UK. Sonore microrendu, Paul Hynes SR3 Linear PSU 5-10v, Intona - industrial ver

Sonore microrendu, Paul Hynes SR3 PSU, Intona - industrial ver.

Since Devialet have finally released a version of AIR that actually works for me (only took 2 years!), my network/USB streaming gear and linear PSU are surplus to requirements.

The combination of these components gives fantastic USB SQ, especially if you use Roon and/or HQPlayer. If you’re interested you’ll know what all this stuff is, but ping me any questions.

Microrendu, silver. inc box and adapter. SOLD. 9v ifi ipower. also SOLD.

Paul Hynes SR3 Linear Power Supply with fine silver DC lead. £SOLD posted (U.K.). (Was £400 total new, about 6 months old, and there’s a long lead time on Paul Hynes products.).
It’s set to 7v for the microrendu, but is adjustable internally by removing rear cover and changing precision pot (I think Paul said its between 5-10v but I’ve never adjusted it or checked). Comes with a bog standard power lead, or will include a ‘TM3 connections’ 1m lead for £25 extra. (Belden screened cable, silver plated 13a, silver plated iec).

Intona, Industrial version with non-flashing LED, white case. £sold posted. (350 Euro new). I think I have the box.

All bought new by me. Prefer UK sales, and bank transfer. All priced to sell (hopefully).

Congratulations - you have much more patience than I did! I still miss using the Devialet remote control, but haven’t looked back since I got my LIO!

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pm sent to you

Replied, and another reply owed this evening…

microrendu and ifi Sold.

PSU and Intona SOLD.