Solti Schubert Album Missing

This album exists in my Library , I try by each of the 3 Symphonies


if I goto any way of showing Compositions , this does not show . This is the Composition view accessed by the Composition Counts on this albums screen

Any thoughts

If I go via the Artist and then filter for local its there



Any Ideas

Within Compositions, check your srt drop-down. It has a toggle for setting “Only complete recordings”. May be turned on and therefore limiting the recording to display.

Brilliant it was set to only complete recordings :joy::joy::joy:

BUT WHY , the 9th is a complete recording , is the “unfinished” counting as a non complete recording and causing it .

If Schubert hadn’t drunk so much Kronenburg :smiling_imp:

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But within that particular release there are 3 recordings, two other symphonies. Your original listing likely only inclludes releases that contain nothing BUT the 9th.

Glad it worked out.

p.s. I would like to see that toggle brought out to the Composition screen level; not buried within a sort drop-down.

It is hidden a bit but it was originally added to help with Opera and Opera excerpts. I normally have it set off but I was looking at an opera the other week and must have forgot it

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