[solved] Classical music metadata question: composition assignment

I do have some non-published recordings and I want to assign the titles to compositions. Roons mechanism to identify the album will obviously fail in this case.
In my example I have a live recording of Bruckners Symphony No. 4 WAB 104 which is known by Roon and I already have some albums with this composition in my library.
When Roon adds the new album with the non-published recording the titles are not automatically assigned to this composition.
Can anybody tell me how I can assign the titles of movement 1 to 4 to the composition I already have in my library.

OK I think I can answer my own question here.

To add an album with several tracks belonging to a composition and to assign this in roon to an existing composition is possible if you know how to do it.

Here is my approach.

as prerequisite I assume that the composer and the composition with rich metadata are already in the Roon library. If this is not the case you can solve this easily by adding an album from Tidal or qobuz containing this composition. You can even delete this after this procedure if you want.

This is a two part approach. First you need to add some rudimentary tags in the music files, and then in the second part you need to catch the rest in roon.

First part: tags in music files:

  • add the COMPOSER tag with the name of the composer to each track. (E.g. “Gustav Mahler”)
  • if the composition consists of more than one track ensure that all track-titles have an identical first part followed by the movement
    (E.g. Track 1: “Symphony No. 4 - I Allegro vivace”, Track 2: "“Symphony No. 4 - II Adagio” etc)
    this enables Roon to recognize several tracks to belong to one composition

Now if you look at the imported album you already see the tracks assigned to composer and composition. The composer is probably already correctly assigned but the composition will most often be a new one. If the album is known by roon you just use the “identify album” procedure but this will not work for an unknown album as in my case. I was exactly at this point when I opened the original question above.

These are the steps to merge your tracks with the correct composition

  • go to the composer page, select the composer and go to the compositions
  • filter the composition to find the two compositions in question: the one which was created by importing your album and the right one with the rich metadata you want to use
  • right click on both to select them
  • use the button “merge compositions” on the right top of the screen.
  • you get a window to select which composition to remain