SOLVED FAST => *Thank You* dear roon team

Good evening (german time),

after all that yesterday, now, very fast, as I believed already, updates are there and the issues are gone which were in the gui.
Now, i can lean back and check everything and I can look forward to the new (very nice) design and check the functions.

So this post is just for saying “thank you” to solve the problems which occured, as fast as I wished it.
Many would say “I pay for it, so it has to run properly” or “Why roon did not check other languages as English”
I can say: Everybody knows, that things, although one paid for it, can go wrong, can loose quality very fast and so on. But I also think, that this, what happened yesterday, will never happen again, because this young company was teached by this. And I would say: It has been fixed very fast.

So just my 2 cents to this. I was just very suprised (negatively) how loud and unfriendly the tone went, when the errors occured. I was not amused, too. Yes, ok, but I think, a chance to react, this should be given. And so, I hope, the negative atmosphere now is wiped away and everybody does, what this software is made for: Enjoying music.

Have a nice evening / day / night

Best regards
a happy roon user who starts one day later with listening. (I am happy, that now, it is possible again :wink: