(solved-ish) Trouble connecting Nucleus to Synology NAS

Hello. I’m slowly closing in on getting my new Synology NAS working with my Nucleus but I’m not quite there.

Late 2015 iMac, Mojave, 2.8GHz Core i5, 16GB RAM
Synology DS418j is running latest DSM, file sharing set to SMB3
4x 4TB HDDs with music on 2 in RAID1 array
Nucleus Roon Version 1.5 (build 360) stable (64bit)

I finally have it Connected to my iMac (so I can rip music to it, transfer iTunes, etc) but the Get Info is greyed out. Any suggestions of figuring out the path to it for the Nucleus?

Possibly related or not: the Synology shows up in the iMac’s Network but I can’t sign in. I did manage to sign in using the Synology’s IP address though. Now it shows in the iMac network as a generic PC and the shared folder I created named ROON MUSIC (original I know) is there. I can upload files to it manually, and play them back so it appears to be working…


Oh, noob question: I didn’t format the Seagate IronWolf drives that I installed in the NAS, does that matter?!

Thank you oh Hive Mind!

OMG the Shared Folder ROON MUSIC showed up in my iMac’s Network and I used Get Info, copied the path and BAM the Nucleus is now pointed to the folder!

Wow. This has literally taken me an entire week to achieve. If it wasn’t mid-day I’d have a beer. And then a nap.
But being a glutton for punishment I am now going to start re-ripping my CDs!

.aiff or .wav tho?!

  • David

I even managed to change the preview icon to the ROON app icon.
Click the Shared Folder and Get Info. Unlock it. Open your Applications folder and click on ROON and then Get Info. Drag the Roon icon onto the folder at the top of the Shared Folder Get Info window. Boom.
If I figure out how to change the preview icon for the Synology NAS and Nucleus I’ll let you know.

FLAC here for all mine :+1:

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I decided to go .aiff I hope I won’t regert it…

Flac, or wav. Or alac.

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